Senior management is not always aware of the struggle that team managers/supervisor are facing their most impacted teams when it comes to implementing the desired change :

  • Are they good communicators to build awareness of how change impacts employees?
  • Are they confident enough to be the liaison between project management, senior management, and change management?
  • Do they speak as an ambassador about the change?
  • Are they skilled enough to manage resistance?
  • Are they able to detect knowledge needs?
  • Do they foster ability by creating the environment for coworkers to develop new skills and behavior?
  • Are they able to sustain the change using recognition and rewards?

    Based on validated tools team2lead has built a program allowing you to highlight the talents of your managers/supervisors by revealing their natural profile trend: Manager/Leader/Coach. Knowing one’s profile is a perfect starting point to establish natural skills and allow them to be developed to achieve excellence.

Our consultants are Prosci® certified Change Practitioners (ADKAR). They are ready to support your managers/supervisors and coach them to become successful manager, leader and coach in times of change.