I started my 4th mission a few weeks ago. and can tell you that every project is different and has another mission. In my first project the main goal was recruitment and motivation of the existing team, as well as the new people.

My second project was my biggest challenge since the company was struggling so demotivation and insecurity where 2 things the team and company was dealing with. Since I stayed for 10 months this time, it gave me more time to focus on these things. We were able to minimize the fear that people had, as well as bring back some stability that this team never had in the past.


How do you do that is a question I get often from people?

For me, it’s quite simple. You don’t need to know all details of what the people do and this is not possible, since your time as a consultant is always limited. What you need to know is the big picture of course but above all that, being able to listen and talk to people…. Find out what drives them and what demotivates them. Bringing back or improving the communication…. And showing how crucial this in within every company. Communication with colleagues, with your teamleader, with other departments, with your manager etc… The key for all successful collaborations. It takes a lot of energy but I get so much back just by being me and doing what I do best!

As crazy as it may sound, I have no challenge in just managing a working team. I have been a teamleader for almost 10 years now so I needed more and at the same time, I wanted to stay close to the people, since my talent is people management and everything it includes. The job as a teamleader consultant sounded perfect for me. And perfect it was…. And still is today, if possible even more so than when I started.

On top of all these challenges, I have a great director who cares not only for her customers, but also for her people. My team2lead family is also encouraging me in everything I do and above all that, I sometimes get the chance to work with some of my team2lead colleagues for the same company or project. That is just the cherry on a great and tastfull cake! The support I get in my job is simply amazing and I guess that the positivity I get from all that, is contagious…

As you can see, our new logo is all about people since everything starts and ends with them. And so it should be. Finally a company that understands the importance of caring about people.

With regards from a huge team2lead ambassador.

Kim Schepens