Whereas WFH (Working From Home) and IRL (In Real Life) used to be terms suitable only for informal messaging, those two acronyms became standard office lingo during the last few years. Especially the WFH was a popular term as there was not much to do IRL, or at least not together. A challenge for everyone to shift their workplace to a home office, even a painful one for those who thrive on teamwork and human contact. Not to mention the lack of informal conversations in the coffee corner, where-as we all know – the most crucial exchange of information happens.

Admittedly, this shift in office work will not likely go all the way back to the “normal” we knew up until 2019. And yet, with WFH now no longer being a mandatory pandemic measure in Belgium, it looks like we’re heading towards a healthy balance again. Back to the possibility of sharing moments and thoughts with our team, even without screens and internet connections. Back to spontaneous conversations in the coffee corner.