Sometimes, it’s good to be reminded that team2lead consists of a team as well. A diverse group of individuals, with different goals, backgrounds and passions that performs best when they are acknowledged and appreciated. For that purpose, our projects and clients had to miss their team2lead consultants for a day on September 17th for our very own team day.

It became a day of learning, relaxation and – all cards on the table – being wonderfully spoiled by our team leader Karoline.

Setting for the 2021 team2lead event was the picturesque Hotel Torenhof.

This charming country house in the quiet Sint-Martens-Latem used to house the renowned painter Albert Servaes and was the ideal location for our get-away. After a heartfelt welcome in the garden with some elbow bumps or a cautious hug, the educational part of the day could begin: an interactive and inspirational session on “the five dysfunctions of a team”, a classic model on teamwork originally described by Lencioni.

We focused on the five fundamental components that can raise a team from “good” to “even better”.

The remarkable foundation for a better team is trust. Lencioni however states that a team works better when you assume that all actions are meant well. Trust your team to do their share to the best of their capabilities, and both the individual and the team will automatically grow.

If people feel encouraged to participate in their own way, their commitment to the proper functioning of their team will improve. This team commitment is the third layer of the pyramid. If each individual can fulfill their proper role within the team and live up to their own strengths, they will dare to focus on the outcome for their team more than on that for themselves. All of this without reducing the importance of accountability – the fourth layer – as each member will remain accountable for their own work. “Walk the talk”, as it was described: when you promise to follow up on something, don’t let your team down.

people sitting outside

Bottom(s) up!

It’s no coincidence nor a surprise that both our interactive session and this short summary go into detail on trust, while focusing less and less on the following stages leading to result.

A pyramid is built from the bottom level to the top and a good, no, great team is constructed in the same way. Focus on trust. Dare to open respectful conflict to achieve a greater team commitment. Divide responsibilities without nullifying the individual accountabilities, and results will be achieved accordingly.

Bottom up! Or are we now confused with the slogan for our wine tasting later that day?

The way to team2lead’s heart is through their stomach

It’s true, we mentioned wine tasting and “being spoiled by our team leader Karoline” and now we only seem to focus on the educational part of our team2lead day… But sometimes some things are better left to the imagination. Besides, pictures and memories say more than a thousand words, so we’ll make sure to share those every once in a while.

For a glimpse of our relaxing day, we could say that

we have sportively discovered the magnificent countryside of Sint-Martens-Latem,

we now know that even Belgium has some increasingly popular vineyards (with remarkably tasteful results… their teams must have focused on trust!),

after dinner we all rubbed our belly with a satisfied smile on our happy faces,

our happy and big bellies were still a bit in our way during the morning yoga session.

and we might conclude that one thing we all have in common at team2lead, is a passion for being connected with people and loving good food.

Happy team2lead team → happy client teams → happy clients

Thank you, Karoline, for this amazing event, for your trust and for leading by example.

We’ll try our best to follow up and safeguard this flow of happiness.

Redaction/ Roel Goris